I’m currently re-watching an old favorite of mine, The Sound of Music. Fun Fact: I have a BIG weakness for musicals. Anyway. If you’ve ever seen the movie, or even if you haven’t seen it, you’re probably familiar with the opening scene, where Julie Andrews is running through a field, singing¬†The Hills Are Alive.¬† This […]

Entschuldigen Sie! Or, Excuse me! in German. If you’ve ever heard German spoken before, you know what I mean when I say that it’s a very strong language. A person really can’t sound weak or timid when speaking it. In German, a lot of syllables are pronounced in the back of the throat, making for […]

Sometimes, you don’t have to leave your backyard for adventures. Sometimes, they’re only an hour or two away, just waiting for you. And that’s good news for us couchsetters. In June, I was lucky enough to have one such adventure. Three friends and I did a weekend of backpacking and hiking in the Collegiate Peaks […]

Apparently, we Americans don’t know our geography all too well. See here. here. and here. I have no idea how real/accurate that last video is. I sincerely hope it’s a dramatization. Still, it’s a little sad, dontcha think? Some might call it a failure of the educational system, and while I think that’s a conversation […]